Hey there, welcome to the Sl@nted @nd Ench@nted Internet Archive. Maintained by Singer of the S@E crew, this piece of Dublin freesheet history will be studied for years into the future *ahem*

You'll find links to hastily htmlified backissues, a backup of our old webpage, and links regarding the Saccharine CD which we brought out, including the whole thing in RealAudio and MP3 format. All copyright is ours, in regards to everything on these pages, rip off anything, and we'll track you down and have you shot (Disclaimer: may not happen. however, we might set our lawyers on you).
Also, we have a new addition to the s@e pages, while not strictly s@e, it was done by largely the same people. About 2-3 months ago, Stripe brought out a zine called Sugar Riot, it's linked below. It's 26000 words +, and has 2 short stories, a few articles about drugs, and a shitload about work. Enjoy.

Have Fun....

 Old Webpages (worth a look, some good content)